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Puppy Training Program


4-9 Weeks

About the Course

At Zack's Pack, we prioritize prevention in dog training. Research shows that 95% of undesirable behaviors in dogs can be avoided through proper puppy training. Even if your dog has genetic predispositions that may seem challenging, with the right training, understanding your dog's needs in the correct order and balance, it's possible to ensure unwanted behaviors never emerge.

Unfortunately, many dogs end up in shelters due to these preventable issues. Just a few weeks of puppy training could have potentially saved countless dogs from this fate. Our puppy training program is designed to set your pup up for success in any situation. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to handle any scenario confidently and correctly.

This program is perfect for puppies under six months old. It's ideal for:

- Communication

- Building relationships

- Setting boundaries

- Teaching commands like "sit," "down," and "stay"

- Improving loose leash walking

- Developing threshold manners

Additionally, this program addresses manners and helps correct bad habits, including:

- Jumping

- Counter surfing

- Begging

- Nuisance barking

- Pulling on the leash

Even minor behavioral issues, such as lack of confidence, can be successfully addressed in this program.

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