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5-6 Weeks

About the Course

Do you often find yourself repeatedly saying "yes" and "no" to your dog, only to realize they don't understand your commands? Our On-Leash program is designed to address this issue.

This program is tailored for those seeking basic training, dog psychology, and obedience. Teaching your dog these fundamentals can boost their confidence and prevent numerous unwanted behaviors. Moreover, it empowers you to communicate effectively with your dog, ensuring they understand your expectations.

It's essential to remember that dogs aren't humans, and sometimes, we unintentionally convey mixed messages. Let's make sure your dog knows what's expected. Contact us today for a consultation to explore how we can help you and your furry friend.

Perfect for:

- Sit

- Down

- Long leash recall

- Implied stay

- Heel

- Loose leash walk

- Threshold manners

- Proofing in public with high distractions

This program also addresses manners and corrects bad habits, including:

- Jumping

- Counter surfing

- Begging

- Nuisance barking

- Pulling

Minor behavioral issues, such as lack of confidence, can also be resolved here.

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