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1-2 Months

About the Course

Our comprehensive off-leash program stands as the destination for dog owners from across the state. Enabling your dog to master off-leash behavior not only empowers you both with the skills and confidence for secure and enjoyable off-leash escapades, but it also extends benefits to on-leash situations. With a balanced approach to dog training, we harness the power of positive reinforcement and a diverse range of tools to ensure a customized solution for your dog's needs.

This course transcends mere off-leash proficiency; it's a transformative journey for dogs struggling on leash as well. By embracing a balanced training philosophy, we cultivate a unique equilibrium that harmonizes with your dog's temperament and learning style. From unfenced yards to vast open fields, your dog will revel in newfound freedom, grounded in a clear understanding of boundaries.

Furthermore, this program enhances your ability to communicate effectively with your dog. As your bond deepens through training, your dog's responsiveness strengthens, leading to a more profound and fulfilling relationship. Step into a world where your dog thrives off-leash and on, where behavioral challenges are met with skill, and where the unbreakable bond between owner and dog flourishes.

Perfect for:

- Sit

- Down

- Off-leash recall

- Implied stay

- Off-leash Heel

- Loose leash walk

- Threshold manners

- Emergency recall under distraction

- Proofed in public with high distractions

This program also addresses manners and corrects bad habits, including:

- Jumping

- Counter surfing

- Begging

- Nuisance barking

- Pulling

Minor behavioral issues, such as lack of confidence and reactivity, can also find solutions here.

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