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Behavior Modification Program


1-3 Months

About the Course

Our Behavior Modification Program specializes in addressing a wide range of canine behavioral issues. At Zack's Pack, we've successfully worked with dogs exhibiting various challenges, from simple leash aggression to more severe aggression towards humans and other dogs. Dog aggression comes in diverse forms, requiring a customized approach that suits your unique situation.

With extensive experience handling countless types of aggression problems, we've gained valuable insights. We continuously stay updated with the latest data and insights, learning from both our experiences and the methods employed by fellow dog trainers. When we work with you, we bring a versatile toolbox, ready to apply the methods that best suit your family and your dog's needs.

At Zack's Pack, we're committed to tailoring our solutions to your specific situation, ensuring a safer and more harmonious relationship between you and your canine companion.

Perfect for:



-Long leash recall

-Implied stay


-Loose leash walk

-Threshold manners

-Proofed in Public with high distractions

-Extensive behavior modification and aggression training

This program also teaches manners and breaks bad habits such as:

- Jumping

-Counter surfing


-Nuisance barking



-Confidence building

-Vigorous socialization & desensitization

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